Today’s Prayer (08/13/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will all remember the importance of being honest to ourselves and others. May we understand that importance of telling the truth in all circumstances, no matter how difficult it may seem. For it is better to be a true witness, then a false witness who leads others astray. Thank You for Your words and teaching us this principal. In saying this Lord, I pray that You will lead us to all truth and lead us away from every false teacher. We need to know what is right in this world, and I know that You can lead us to find it. Truly, Your words in the Bible are truth and I wish that more people would teach what You have said and have less of their opinions on matters of God. Then, would more people be following You and not what they think is right. I pray Lord, that what is good is sought after in life, and what is evil is ran from. Now, I know that for this to become a reality, people need to first be instructed correctly. So I pray for all teachers in schools, universities and churches. They have a big calling upon them and I pray that they may be used by You in everything they do. To do this, it will take faith, but all evil can be distinguished by doing what You say is right. Lastly, help us to find a way to show kindness towards others, especially those in need. May your love flow deep in our hearts, that every person will feel loved. Kindness changes lives, just like Your compassion for us, changed ours. Thank You for taking us in as a stranger and giving us rest. I just pray that we will be doing the same for others. I love You Lord. Your teachings are nourishment to my ears. Amen.

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