Today’s Prayer (07/06/2019)

Lord, I know that You are God and is waiting for us all to call upon Your Name. It may have taken me a while to learn this, but I am so happy that I finally understood what this finally means. Now I am made free because of Your blood, which was shed for the sins of the world on the cross. I am no longer looking inward, but have Your awesome presence in my life now. Thank You Jesus. Thank You Lord. In the past, I thought I knew what was right, but my life was never good and my willful sins detracted from my ability to seek You. Every time I prayed, but continued in that same wicked lifestyle, I felt more trapped and shameful than ever. This is when I finally learned that all I was doing was trying to better myself on my own. I had no way out, for this reason was I failing miserably and did not have Your presence in my life. I also prayed to You God, but it was never sincere until the day I was broken. This was when I needed a Savior to help me, where I cannot. I needed You to take away the lust from my eyes and keep me away from the evils of sexual sin. I was tired of doing things that made me sick to the stomach later on. So I thank You Lord for hearing a sinner, such as me. In my sorrows, was I finally ready to receive You in my life. I am in such a better place now with my marriage and family because of You, Lord. Even my thoughts are more in line with Your, because Your Spirit is with me. Surely, I am lost without You, Lord. I am not sure what I would ever do if you had not answered my prayers. I love You so much God. Amen.

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