Today’s Prayer (06/17/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that all our grudges will be cast aside today. May there be no more feelings of resentment in our hearts any longer towards those people that have wronged us. I know that it is hard to forgive someone that has hurt us so badly, but I also know that we do things that hurt you so badly and we also wish Your forgiveness. So I pray that we will not be so willing to ask for Your forgiveness when there are still walls up in our lives. Instead, look into our hearts now and if there be any ill feelings towards anyone, allow Your peace to take its place. And if relationships are broken, because feelings were hurt and wrong things were said, may we also follow the Holy Spirit and come to these people and tell them sorry. It may be hard to say sorry or tell someone that they are forgiven, but it is always worth it. And best of all, there is rest in Your great love that comes from doing this. Even broken lives can be restored because of our trust in You and not what our flesh wants to do. It is truly a blessing to just trust in You, Lord and showcase Your love and kindness to all people. When these same people, that we forgive react positively to our love toward them, everything changes for the better. What I have learned Lord is that when I just do things by Your will and not mine, that everything works out for the good. And most of all Lord, I am so grateful for teaching me what it means to forgive. It is Your great love, mercy, and forgiveness towards me that has changed how I treat all people now. May I ever learn to love as You love me, each day of my life. This type of compassion is what I need in my life also and what I need to show people to be happy. It is because, seeing people happy is true joy. I love You Lord. Amen.
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