Today’s Prayer (05/25/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will be ready when the last days hit us. Even if those days are now, may we be ready to serve You in the most trying times to come. I know that in the great tribulation our faith will be severely tested, even unto death by the hands of the wicked. So I pray that myself and others that love You now will not lose hope in You and Your promises. Surely, times may get difficult and hard to bear, but I know that after this life all of our worries and cares will be over. We may not have peace in every moment of this life, but the day that we are with You in heaven, all our tears will be wiped away. Thank You Lord for Your great love for us. I know that You don’t wish us to suffer on earth, but You also cannot control the wicked and allow them to do their own things because of freewill. That is so awesome of You, Lord. You don’t control anyone and allow people to choose what they wish in life. If people decide to follow You, then there are blessings in this life and the next. To those that do not, then they may have joy now, but their punishments will be upon them in the next. Justice is served for the righteous and wicked because of those that repent and others that stay in their unbelief. It is so great that You are able to see though people in life and know who truly loves You. For this reason You were called to be our judge and is able to do that job better than anyone else. It is in Your hands that we have forgiveness and mercy. Your compassion has no end. Thank You for saving me, when I thought my days were numbered. I am so grateful Lord and I owe all to You because of this. I love You and I say these things in thy holy Name, Jesus. Amen.
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