Today’s Prayer (05/21/2019)

Oh Lord, my God, I pray that every person in the faith will be ready when the days of tribulation comes our way. If any of us are going to be a part of the great tribulation, help us to keep the faith and never let it die. I know that Your words are apparent and many plagues will be cast upon the earth in those days. Because of what has been spoken, I know how hard it will be to live, and for this reason I pray that if I am or others in the faith are left on earth, that we will continue to shine our lights for all to see, who are in darkness. It will be dark times and our faith in You will be what matters. The world will need people to turn to when all there is, is fear and despair. I know that You hear these prayers and that they are sweet incense before Your altar in heaven. So may my prayer for the saints on earth and other’s prayers be lifted up to You now. Our desires are to serve You and to love You with all our hearts. You are the bearer of eternal life and to follow You is the only right way to go. I can either choose death, while living in sin, or find freedom in my confessions to You, Lord. There is forgiveness and mercy in Your hands, oh God. Nothing we have ever done can keep us from Your presence, when our lives are cleansed by Your blood. Thank You for washing me and making me whole again. Oh how far did I stray and still You had compassion for me and took me in. I love You Lord and pray that many more souls will be saved before the end of times. I know that time is ticking and the end of days is near. May we all sense this and no longer delay our day of repentance before You. This is so important to our souls and salvation. This I pray Lord, in thy holy Name, Jesus. Amen.
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