Today’s Prayer (01/11/2019)

Oh Lord, our God. I know that the day we live in has greatly increased in its wickedness and abominations. Surely, Your judgments are upon the wicked and their evil deeds. So many of our Christian beliefs have been trampled upon because of the society we live in today. Instead of allowing pastors to teach on marriage between husband and wife and against homosexuality, they often are in trouble because of this. And if they do not marry such people, they are put in jail and fined. This brings me so much sadness for their families and what they are going through, for Your cause. Surely, the persecution in China and other countries is great and the people of faith need You to help carry them through it. I know that You also gave a great example of the good Samaritan, but people have also discarded that teaching as well. So the poor, the needy and the homeless are left in dire straits. Their needs are not being met because so-called Christians do not comfort them, but instead walk right past them. Lord, convict such people of their sins. Help them acknowledge that only thinking of themselves is evil and will not be tolerated. It is time, Lord, for people to be accountable to their faith. Cast out every idol out of their lives and instead give them over to showcasing true love towards one another and You. Cut the hypocrisy out of their lives. Help every Christian to stay in line with your teachings and keep the faith, even until the end. I love You. I trust in You, God. Amen.

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