Today’s Prayer (10/27/2018)

Oh Lord, my God, I pray that Your wisdom will fall down upon us. May our flesh be no longer given over to the things of this world but unto Your will. Help us tame the lusts of the flesh, that we may walk in Your love. Come and scatter the darkness, that we may walk in Your light. May Satan no longer have power over us, that we may walk and no longer stumble through life. In sin, our vision is clouded and we cannot help but trip and fall when temptation is at the door. For this Lord, we wish that sin may no longer be a part of our lives. Build us up with Your armor. May we be fighters for what is righteous and learn to hate what is evil. So many people are in darkness and need Your deliverance. Help us be a light to them. Give us ears to hear and new eyes, that we may see. Lead us to the lost, that we may share Your message of hope with them. May we find the broken and open hearted and then lead them to You, Jesus. You have the power to free them from bondage, and all addiction, and for this, we are here to bring these people to You. May they experience Your matchless power and find mercy and forgiveness. I trust in You, Jesus. You are my hope and the rock of my salvation. I love You Lord. Amen.
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