Today’s Prayer (10/03/2018)

Oh Lord, I pray that more people will experience your great love. May they come to know You personally before their time is done. I know that our time is short, even though some people attempt to prolong their lives. What sadness this brings me to see people try to escape death while also escaping their day of repentance. Most people know about You but continue to live their own lives apart from You. And what is really sad is that a lot of these same people think their beliefs will save them. Wow, God, what a false sense of security to think that You will allow their filth into Your kingdom. I pray that these people will wake up to their wickedness today. May they understand how far they have strayed and come to You for reconciliation. I know that only You Lord have the ability to cleanse them and move them to live differently. Yes, it takes humility and I pray that people will be ever so humble before You. And maybe then, will they fear You, while no longer living a life that mocks You. I am so grateful that You have opened my eyes to the wickedness in me. I am a new person because of that. I am changed because of Your love, Jesus. You are my Savior and I love You so much Lord. Amen.
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