Today’s Prayer (09/25/2018)

Lord God, with all the pain and sorrow in this life, it is much more bearable with You in it. Even with all the joy that comes with this life, it is less joyful when You aren’t around. Surely, my life is empty when I am in sin and You are absent. Even when I feel overly righteous, life is just not the same until I finally humble myself. My life can even feel good while in sin, for a time, but like everything else, that time ends and all comes crashing down on me. So when it comes down to doing good, I know that there is only goodness when You are leading me. The same goes for repentance. I know that my life is being prolonged when You have rescued me from my addictions. When it comes to life, pride and the flesh is my downfall and I feel much better when You are helping me through it. I can easily say or do things that are hurtful if Your joy is not inside of me. For this God, I plead for You, this day, to never leave me, nor forsake me. Ever be in life. Guide my path and lead me in Your light. Help me make wise decisions that will be for my good. Even in times of sadness, raise me up again and give me peace. I am stronger during the good times and the bad when You have a hold of my life. I need You Lord. I am safe within Your arms. I love You. Amen.
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