Today’s Prayer (09/21/2018)

Lord, I know that I have not always been truthful to You. I know that many times I promised to live a better life but failed miserable time after time. How foolish I had become, while trusting in myself to get better and not put my trust in You. I am so sorry for those times that I was not heartfelt in my desire for mercy. I only wanted Your forgiveness but then still live my own life. For that, I am deeply sorry. I no longer wish to ever act that way again. It is way too important to live a life pleasing to You than anything else. Your Words make that clear in my mind and heart. And now that You have come into my life, I am so happy. I am happier than I have ever been in my life. To be on Your path is a blessing and an honor. For this reason, I wish for Your presence to always be in my life. Help me to never fall so far that You cannot get me back up again. I do not wish to sin but life in Your light. Lord, take all the foolishness from my heart now, that I might endure till the end. Even till my dying breath, may it be praises to Your holy Name. For You are worthy. I love You Lord. I trust in You with my life. My heart is Yours. For You, I will do all things. Move me and I will go. Amen.
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