Today’s Prayer (09/11/2018)

Daily Prayer:
Oh Lord, I pray for every broken marriage out there. I know the pains and sorrows that comes along with marriages such as this, and it pains me to know that so many people that I know and love are suffering. I was suffering for many years in a broken marriage and can understand how it is. However, I also know that things can get better, as I have found, by putting my trust in You. Your love is what has helped me show love to my wife. Even when I was incapable of this in the beginning, my faith in You, was enough to begin to show her love like never before. My marriage has truly been flipped upside down. You have restored the love that I was missing. Because of this, I know that the missing link in any marriage, is You, Jesus. All these dear people’s pains and sorrows can be no more if they just put their trust in You, God. They don’t need something better than what they have in their spouse but Your love to makes things better. All their anger and bitterness can be put to rest when Your love takes control of us. We may be incapable of being a faithful spouse but our faith in You changes everything. Even the way we treat our spouse can be much different, when our desires are to love as You love us. I know that You are all powerful and can do all things. I trust in You Lord. I love You. Amen.

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