Today’s Prayer (08/27/2018)

Daily Prayer:
Oh Lord, I pray that more people that proclaim themselves to be Christians, also act the part. May they gain understanding from the Bible, church pastors and other people in the faith and let the message absorb in their hearts. Help them to act on what they have been taught and truly live for You, Lord. It is my prayer that during the week, they continue to seek You. Help them overcome temptation, as they rely on You for understanding. May they be wise in Your wisdom and no longer rely on their own understanding. Help them understand that only You can lead us to heaven. We may have good ideas but only relying on Your counsel is to salvation. I know that I am capable of only doing so much in life and at that, going so far. Without You, I am lost. My life has no light when You are not there. This is when I make foolish decisions and fall back into my old ways of doing things and thinking. Help me and those in the faith to never rely on ourselves fully but in You and Your Word for understanding and knowledge. Help us to be humble at all times. That when you speak to our hearts, through the Bible, prayer and other people, that we will be open to accept Your message of hope. I love You Lord. My hope is in You and what You can do for my life and through it. Amen.
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