Today’s Prayer (01/26/2018)

Daily Prayer:
Praises to your Name, Lord God. Worthy are You above all names. It is an honor and a privilege to lift You up in praise. I love Your presence. It is an honor to have You in my life. I am privileged to be led by You, my King. You speak wisdom to my soul and I rejoice. Your counsels are so meaningful for my life. Thank You for caring so deeply for me. I rejoice in Your great love and affection. What an awesome God, You are. You are so marvelous, in everything you do and say. Thank You for coming into my life. Only You could save me from my sins. You have breathed new life into my soul, through Your forgiveness and mercy. Thank You Lord. I love You and praise Your Holy Name. Amen
January 26, 2018
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