Marcus Rogers

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6 thoughts on “Marcus Rogers”

  1. Just wanted to put you up on something good in Oklahoma. Our governor stitt did rule abortions non essential, so for thirty days, it’s illegal to have or perform an abortion, it’s considered an elective surgery.

  2. Hey Mark, just wanted to ask you for prayer, and to tell you that I will definitely pray about the topics you covered. Hit me up with an email address or contact information. Thanks

    • Marcus Rogers content is on my site, but he cannot receive emails via comments. As for this site, I would love to answer any of your questions via [email protected]. God bless you and I hope that the content on this site has been a blessing to your life.

  3. Hallo,
    Please read prophesy from Mark Taylor 5. Nov. 2020.
    Your King Trump will be occuping the tron.

    Love from Franz Mohrhauer Germany

  4. I listened to your car message on false churches. I have felt for so long that I wanted to “fight” what is coming. Struggling with my bitterness about the one order world. Is it time to not fight in our minds but let it all go and clear our heads for the spirit to work through us to show true vs false. I feel if I continue with bitterness I will become very ill.You are a great help to me as an isolated person and veteran. God bless your every step and continue to give wisdom and reach us even in wisconsin.


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