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  1. DisGrace Digital Network,

    In your message about forgiveness, is that NOT what I said THE LORD demanded the Nation claiming to be Under God must do about 9/11?

    Is that not the essence of the question YOU refuse to answer? Have you asked your Air1 Idol Pastors if they received it years ago?

    “If My innocent blood was spilled for all mankind, what gives you [USA] the right to spill the innocent blood of My children in My Father’s name? [One Nation Under God]”

    He, The Almighty does NOT want to hear one more time “Never Forget! Never Forgive!” or American Christians just may be done. He, The Almighty demands you look at your Southern Borders if in the US or EU and remember Matthew 25. Do you forgive them for being poor, and having no home, when it is YOU who caused it?

    You are all puffed with false pride, have a twisted sense of self righteousness, and a false salvation based on men’s opinions of a Gospel they were not present to hear.

    The indwelling spirit in you, and the false Christ you listen to can lie. Is that possible from a Holy God? Christianity as YOU preach it IS the Synagogue of Satan. You better square away those Gospels, rebuke those false prophets, rebuke and correct those false teachers, and SHOW non believers Christ IN YOU!

    You will ALL see in the Courtroom whether Jesus Christ sent me, and if I spoke truthfully for Him. I myself would not take that chance and just believe the Scriptures I sent and you could not rebuke. That way you are not saying you believed the messenger, but the message spoke for itself. Now must I shake the sand off my shoes again as a testimony against you wicked Christians?

  2. Well, you’ve certainly earned your patronym, James. How about giving your real name & being transparent? I agree that violence & govt. do not belong to followers of the Way; however, aren’t we to approach each other first in a spirit of humility & respect? If then they do not listen & toss you aside, you proceed to shake off the dust from your soles. And just whom do you claim to be? “You will ALL see in the Courtroom whether Jesus Christ sent me, and if I spoke truthfully for Him.” Are you an apostle? Prophet?
    I am an old nobody living in Spokane, WA. My beliefs pretty well align w/ the Mennonite Brethren Congregations, of whom I am a member. We are a “peace church,” as we are popularly known. And it has taken me decades to come to the place I am. Peace.

  3. I watched, “5 Incredible Things Jesus said about the Holy Spirit – Who is the Holy Spirit?”
    After much spiritual searching I believe that the main reason why Jesus Christ came into our world was to bring the Holy Spirit from God in heaven (hovering over the waters) to Man on earth (in baptism).

  4. The Holy Spirit is the only Person Who exists simultaneously both in heaven and on earth (1John5:7-8).
    This is how Man can pray to our Father and how our Father can prophesy to Man.

  5. “5 Incredible Things Jesus said about the Holy Spirit – Who is the Holy Spirit?”

    This video expresses that Jesus came to us and the Holy Spirit then came to finish the work of Jesus. I believe that Jesus Christ was once the kingdom of God in our midst but since His Ascension to our Father that the Holy Spirit is the kingdom of God among us today.
    We pray, “Thy kingdom come”. What we are really praying is, “Thy kingdom come among us (Luke 17:20-21) who have your Holy Spirit (John 3:3)”.
    I believe this simply means for the Holy Spirit to come among us on earth. Why then are we waiting for the kingdom of God to come when He is here already – the Holy Spirit?
    The Pharisees didn’t understand this and asked when would the kingdom of God come (Luke 17:20-21). We should know better.

  6. “Give us this day our daily bread” (which is the Holy Spirit) so that we have the strength to do our daily work (which is “forgiving all those who trespass against us and not being led into temptation”). This is the only work we need to do. We can use our leisure time to paint a fence, etc.

  7. l have watched the sermons on the Holy Spirit and all l can say thanks be to God for these powerful sermons l am very grateful for them sherron


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