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Thanks To God

spiritual plateau in our prayer life to really know God. It is important to give thanks for our physical well-being but also give thanks for all our spiritual blessings. We… Continue Reading

Pray And Give Thanks

…find Him. 5If God has come to your rescue, then rejoice. Give Him thanks. Don’t just pray and receive but pray and give thanks. Give praise to the one who… Continue Reading

Give Thanks

Remember others when they do kind things for you. Giving thanks for things we receive is so important in the eyes of God. It is sad that so many people… Continue Reading

Give Thanks To God

…shall find mercy. Come before the King and give Him thanks for He is worthy. His love has no end. His faithfulness endures all. We are His people and He… Continue Reading

Thanks To All Service Men

I give thanks to all the current service men, the retired service men, and those that have lost their lives while serving our country. Thank you for making a stand… Continue Reading

Thanks To All Women

I give thanks to God for all the women in the world. I can’t even imagine the pain all of you women have to go through during child birth. God… Continue Reading

Give Thanks To Jesus

…prayer. Let us be full of thanksgiving for the Lord is glorious and deserves all praise. Thank You Jesus for rescuing me. You have set me free. You have given… Continue Reading

Blessings From God

…things. Will you now gives thanks to the Lord for His blessings? Give thanks, for 1“his mercy endureth for ever”. The Lord is so good to us. And because of… Continue Reading