David’s Psalm, In Thanks To The Lord

From this psalm, there are many key points for every Christian to understand. We are to give thanks unto God often throughout the day because of all He does for us, especially His mercy.

Thanks To God

I am so grateful for the cross. Jesus shed His blood that we might be saved. He gave His life to be a sacrifice for all mankind.

Pray And Give Thanks

If God has come to your rescue, then rejoice. Give Him thanks. Don’t just pray and receive but pray and give thanks. Give praise to the one who saves.

Thanks And Praises To God

Our love for God will grow as we abide in God’s Word. Through reading and studying His Words, we are able to commune with the Lord and know His will for our lives.

Giving Thanks To The Lord

There is so much to give thanks for. And something we don’t do enough is to give God thanks for our many blessings.

Give Thanks

When God does good things in your lives, be grateful. Learn from the leper who was healed by Jesus when he, “fell down on his face at his feet, giving him thanks“.

 I Will Rise To Give Thanks

There is a need to get things off our chest with God. Even in the middle of the night, we have a need to wake up and give Him thanks.

Give Thanks Unto The Lord

Every person that is free from any type of addiction or bad habit in their life ought to give God thanks and show their gratitude towards Him.

O Give Thanks Unto The Lord

Give thanks to God on a daily basis. Call upon the name of Jesus and He will come into your life. Make known the Lord our God to people.

Praise The Lord And Give Thanks

What we have all done, while in sin, is a crime against God and this recognition helps us realize what we’ve have done is wrong.

Give Thanks To God

Seek the Lord’s presence and you shall find mercy. Come before the King and give Him thanks for He is worthy.

Thanks To All Women

The Lord surely gave woman the ability to calm their children. Everything you do is so amazing. You are changing the world because of your love.

Thanks To All Service Men

God bless all the service men for keeping us safe when times are hard. Even in uncertainty you come to our rescue.

Thanks To The Lord Our God

I can feel the arms of Jesus in my life. Each day that I seek Him, He is right by my side. When I knock He answers.

Give Thanks To Jesus

Thank You Jesus for saving me. My eyes have been opened. I have been rescued from this world. I love You!

Thanks To Our Lord On High

Lord, Your love has restored my life. I am made clean through Your mercy. Thank You for suffering for our sins.