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Daily Prayer:
Oh Lord, I pray that people in the faith will be convicted of their sins and repent. May this conviction to follow You, lead them to the waters of baptism. So many people rely on their faith alone for salvation. However, what they do not realize is that faith without works is dead. To live their life alone, without You, is no salvation at all. I am so grateful for baptism. That is the time that You did come into my life and made me alive. I was dead but was crucified with You, at the cross, Jesus. Then, as I come out of the water, You give me newness of life. This was my new beginning and I am so grateful for this opportunity to have You in my life now. I was so lost in this world without You. In baptism, You have set a fire in my soul to serve You, my King. Where there was so much darkness in my life, You have scattered it and ushered in Your light. Where there was shame and guilt, You've replaced it with Your love. I no longer serve the lusts of the flesh but fight it with You, Jesus, in my life. You are my shield and my fortress. I am made strong with You by my side. Thank You for coming into my life, through baptism. I needed You and You came. Thank You so much, dear Lord. I believe in You. I trust in You. You are my joy. I love You. Amen.
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Daily Prayer:
Oh Lord, we praise You. Through the storms of life, You have come through. You have heard our cries and shown us great mercy. Nothing is like Your compassion. Nothing is like Your kindness and love. Your compassion has pierced through every bit of shame and raised me up into newness of life. Your love has broken every chain and brought me into Your light. I made new through Your blood. What was once sadness has been replaced with gladness. All my fears are gone, for You have come to my rescue. I am safe in Your arms. Nothing can lead me away from Your love. You have made me confident in my faith. My zeal to follow You increases day by day. The day that You forgave my sins, a fire was lit in my soul to serve You, my King. It is an honor to walk with You, my Lord. You are all mighty to save. All blessings and honor to Your holy Name. All the praises to You, my God. I lift You up higher than all things. My heart sings out to You, my Savior and friend. I rejoice in the Messiah, that has come, to save us all from our sins. I love You. Amen.
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Daily Prayer:
Oh Lord, please help more people realize the things that they are doing wrong, that they may repent before they die. I pray that more people will be saved in the day of judgement. Help those in the faith find these people and be faithful in sharing the gospel with them. In so doing, may they love on these people, as You love us so much. May we share the same love with our neighbor as You have shown towards us. We desire to live inside Your will, Lord. Convict every person that is far from You to repentance, including us. Lead us from every form of darkness that we may be encompassed in Your light. If there is someone that is need, lead us to them. Help us carry their burdens as You carry ours. Help us no longer pass by people on the streets that are struggling but stop and care for them. If it is by money, food, giving them a place to stay, praying for them, or whatever it may be, help us know how to properly care for their needs. We long to live for You and no longer for this world. Make us wise in Your presence. Give us counsel and lead us by Your hand. You are our deliverer and we trust in You, Jesus. We believe in You Lord. We love You. Amen.
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