Book Of Mormon Contradictions

Author: Paul Gee

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I am the granddaughter of Latter-Day Saints who were married in the Salt Lake City Temple. I have friends who are LDS and are active in their ward and temple. I thought that their faith would meet the criteria laid out in God’s Word for salvation. Since reading messages from Paul Gee’s website ( and others, my thoughts have changed. In the process of editing this book I've learned so much.  For instance, I’ve learned how the foundation of Mormonism, as revealed in the Book of Mormon, is built on sand. There is no evidence for it, and the Jesus in the Book of Mormon is not the same as the Bible. I once preferred to continue in my world of denial.  Now, I appreciate learning the truth. Joseph Smith claimed that the Book of Mormon was “the most perfect book”. Its title is Another Testament of Jesus Christ. If so, I would expect it to mirror the teachings of the Bible.  It doesn't.

The Book of Mormon should meet the test of authenticity in the areas of history, archaeology, and science. Nothing to date has shown this. I can only conclude that the Book of Mormon is fraudulent. When holding this book to the same standard as the Bible it is found wanting. Every chapter of Paul’s book contains verses from the Bible and the Book of Mormon, where contradictions are seen. When comparing the verses in the two books, it is clear that there is a different Jesus. What he says and does in the Book of Mormon contradicts the true Jesus of the Bible. In reading through this book, there is undeniable proof of how the Book of Mormon contradicts the Bible. It leaves no doubt in my mind that the book claimed to be “Another Testament of Jesus Christ” is not.

Paul strengthens his argument by pointing out the inconsistencies between the doctrines of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and the teachings of their own book. So the question must be asked, “Do Mormons even believe in the Book of Mormon? Future converts are told to read it all the time, while the LDS missionaries don't even believe in certain verses. This doesn't make sense. Joseph Smith’s claim that the Book of Mormon is ‘the most perfect book” is crushed under the weight of evidence. By comparing the book's teachings to the Bible, Paul’s work makes a unique contribution to the study of Mormonism. It reveals some of the glaring problems found in the Book of Mormon. In conclusion, Paul has made a rock-solid case for the Book of Mormon being not of God. It is nothing more than a figment of Joseph Smith’s imagination and a document of plagiarism.

- Geri Ehrlich 

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