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It was the summer of 2012 that I started having doubts about the LDS Church. That summer, I was away from my family at a remote job in Nebraska. I was there for five months, but still went to Sunday services. The LDS Ward felt like a different church without the presence of my family.  I felt alone, only having the bishop, and a few people saying Hi.  Therefore, I sat alone and didn't feel welcome. This gave me time to reflect upon what I was taught, and also do some research to see if this church is true or not. If it was true, then why didn’t people show love towards me? While feeling alone, I found websites to read and videos to watch on Mormonism. I found out different things about Joseph Smith, the first prophet of Mormonism. The unknown history of the Church. How Joseph Smith had over forty wives and even married young girls as young as fourteen. In that relationship, Joseph Smith was thirty-seven years of age. This relationship would be considered illegal.  Where if there were sexual relations, it would be called “Statutory rape”.

I learned about the Book of Mormon Contradictions and how it plagiarizes the Bible in many ways.  How Joseph Smith had many versions of the first vision. That the Book of Abraham was found to be a false translation. How the scroll Joseph had was simply funerary texts that were deposited with mummified bodies. That Abraham was not mentioned, nor Kolob, or priesthood. After this point, doubts were swirling in my mind. For all my life, I learned that I had to be in a super quiet place to be close to the Spirit. Therefore, I thought it was normal for the church and temples to be so quiet.  How I needed to obey the ordinances and laws of the Mormon Church to be saved. That I needed to pray to Heavenly Father and not Jesus for answers. Therefore, I was not close to Jesus and didn't have Him in my life. I searched for God and His truth, and thought God spoke to me at times in my life. I was hoping each Sunday that sermons would be on Jesus, but instead they were on the Temple or Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith was taught more often than even Jesus. If there was one thing that led me out of Mormonism it was the lack of Jesus and the Bible in the church. Everything else just topped it off.

It was at this time that doubts formed about the Mormon church. I went to many different websites, including YouTube, for answers.  As described above, there was so much I found out that led me to rethink my faith.  After all this research, I came to the realization that the church was false. I hated the fact that I went to a church that gives praise to Joseph Smith in song. So I resigned and started telling my Mormon friends and family about the problems with the LDS belief system. At that time, I felt an urgency to tell everyone I knew about the research I found. Unfortunately, the message was not received well when I presented my findings. I was told by family members to not come over anymore. Even when there were important family gatherings, I was not welcome. This was worth it, however, to be saved and leave what is comfortable behind.

In 2014, I came across Dave Bartosiewicz's YouTube Channel. The videos were all about engaging with Mormons at the Salt Lake City Temple. He interacted with people in a way that I had never seen before. This form of evangelism appeared to be working and I paid close attention. The more I watched, the better I was able to reach the LDS people for Christ. It had a profound impact on my ability to effectively engage with Mormons and share my faith. I was fascinated by how Dave’s YouTube Channel was created to guide Mormons towards Jesus. It was at this time that I started to watch Calvary Chapel on TV. Dave's videos, Calvary Chapel sermons, and other ministry videos were my go-to. It was in this timeframe that I felt God moving in my life. The next step was to find a church home for me and my family.  It was at this time that I wanted to have Jesus in my life. I was willing to move on from the past and start a new life in Christ Jesus. I was finally ready to go all in for Jesus and His kingdom.

In February 2015, I decided to make the first steps of my faith in God and go to a church. That first Sunday, I got dressed and went to Calvary Chapel. The first time I set foot in the church building my heart began to swell inside. The praise music was so amazing, and I couldn’t believe how wonderful I felt. I had been searching for so long for Jesus and I finally found Him. That year I was still fighting fleshly lusts and getting over bad habits, but this began to change.  It was at this time that I gave my life to Jesus. Then in November of that year I felt a change in my life from God.  So, I told the Lord that I wanted to be committed to serving Him. I started reading the Bible daily and praying often. My music preferences also shifted towards worship music. On December 6th, 2015, I gave my life to Jesus and got baptized. Since then, I’ve devoted my life to serve Him. I’ve been writing devotional messages and sharing them with others. This started my ministry to the Mormon people.

Many years have passed, and my ministry is in all the world. People are able to reach my content on Daily Christian Devotionals (dailycdev.com) and Christianity Vs Mormonism (christvm.com). I am continually adding new content to both websites. The content found in this book started as blog posts before making it into this book. It has taken years of research before I felt I was ready. For many years I’ve wanted to create this book, but never found the time. Thankfully, my research has continued, as I have much more content to share with people now. I also have an update on my family situation. We get along great. When questions come up regarding my thoughts on Mormonism, I can explain what the Bible says with respect and love. My desire in life is to follow Jesus and to draw others to Him for salvation. Jesus is my all, my everything.  His love is amazing. This is the reason why I want everyone to know about the Lord and be saved. God has given me this burden to tell everyone I can about Him. Amen.

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