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I am very grateful for the people who generously gave up their time in order to help proofread this book. The intricate process demanded attention and care, and their willingness to lend their expertise was a gift of pure benevolence. They weren't obligated to participate, but they chose to step forward. They are the unsung heroes of this literary work. The contributions they made have left an invaluable imprint on every page. Their meticulous attention to detail ensured an arduous and thorough review, leading to the rectification of grammatical errors. They went beyond just fixing punctuation and syntax, and focused on improving the overall structure and rhythm of the narrative. They refined many phrases to prove their expertise. This ensured clear and precise sentences. As we are all human, it is understandable if errors still exist.

Their discerning perspectives brought about essential modifications, allowing every word to be scrutinized under their watchful eyes. Their input produced a polished manuscript exhibiting a higher level of articulation. As a result of their relentless pursuit of perfection, the readability and articulation of this book have been significantly elevated. The nuanced improvements, the lucidity of expression and the overall flow of the narrative bear testament to their indelible efforts. It cannot be overstated that their commendable commitment is the reason behind the greater legibility of this book. This has made the contents of this book more enjoyable as chapters go on. Their vast experience and unique insights have touched and refined every part of this work. Although they wish to stay anonymous, we can all thank those who were involved with proofreading this book.  May God bless them. Thank You, Lord, for them and for guiding me in this writing. I love You, Jesus.  Amen.

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