Judgement And War Upon The Earth

Now the vision continues as praises ring out in the heavens above. Everyone that has a voice to say anything is crying out in thanksgiving to Jesus, our Savior.

Babylon The Great Is Fallen

As you can see from the warning above, Babylon the great or the Catholic Church is the habitation of devils and foul spirits.

The Great Whore

In this vision, John could see that judgement was poured out upon this woman in purple and scarlet, of which sat upon a scarlet beast.

Seven Angels And Their Plagues

After the seven plagues were dispersed upon the earth, the kingdom of the dragon, beasts and the false prophet did crumble.

The Beast

For 3.5 years this beast will reign on the earth. His purpose, of which is to cause the name of the most high God to be defamed and his name and the dragon’s lifted up instead.

The Little Book

Now let us continue reading about the vision that John saw. I will tell you that as we read, every word will be even more amazing then the last.

Those In White Robes

To every person that has been saved will now partake of the living waters and God shall wipe away there tears.

False Teachings In Mormonism

There should be only one decision to make and that is to follow Jesus and what He taught in the Bible and no longer follow after the doctrines of men.

Sin Hardens Our Hearts To God

The thing about sin is it is detrimental to our lives and our walk with God. Because it hardens our hearts to God and leads us to do things that are wicked, His presence is no longer in our lives either to protect us.

The Cross Of Jesus

The salvation of the Lord Jesus came through the cross and His resurrection. We have forgiveness for sins, as we call upon His Name and put our trust in Jesus.

Be Sober And Flee Sexual Immorality

Paul taught that Christians should “flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.”

Mother’s Day

I give honor and thanks to my mothers and my wife, who is the mother of our two beautiful daughters. I am so grateful to have these women in my life.

The Life Of A Disciple

There are also two other things that a disciple of Christ ought to be doing daily. The third thing is prayer for others.

The Cost Of Being A Disciple

The Lord still works in our lives now and still sends His disciples out into the world, in order to lead people out of bondage and unto Him.

A New Life In Christ

The reason why it is possible for us to live a different life is because the Lord God is working through us.

False Teachers Among Us

Please know that God is not a God of confusion. That is why he spoke to men throughout the Bible and taught them the right way to live their lives and to obey the Lord God.

Willful Sin

With every willful sinner in this world, we know that only few of them will come to Jesus about their sins in prayer and repent.