Who Will Enter Heaven?

Jesus has taught us how to live our lives in order to inherit the kingdom of heaven. It is made clear that sinners will have no place there.

Be Filled With God’s Knowledge

We have so much to give thanks this day. For we were wicked but God made us righteous. His merciful hand broke free the chains that kept us bound.

Jesus Is Our Shield

The Lord cares so deeply for each of us. When we turn to Him, He is right by our side and we “shall not be moved”.

Believers In Jesus Are Saved

Though many have decided to live a life outside of Jesus Christ don’t blame yourselves because they don’t listen.

Narrow Or Wide Gate?

It is only those that know the Lord that will be saved. All those that proclaim Him but are sinners in their hearts will never know Him.

I Rejoice For I Am Rescued

Let us unite in worship to our Lord and King. Humble yourselves and bow down before Him. Poor out your hearts to Him. Whatever is troubling you just give it all to Him.

My Heart Burns For Jesus

Take my heart Lord. Take everything I am Jesus. I adore You. Just to think of the cross makes me so emotional. Your sacrifice for our sins brings me to tears.

Thanks To The Lord Our God

I can feel the arms of Jesus in my life. Each day that I seek Him, He is right by my side. When I knock He answers.

The Good Samaritan

When speaking of the good Samaritan, Jesus tells us “Go and do likewise”. Listen to His words for they hold the keys to eternal life in heaven.

Walk In The Spirit

When we live a life for Christ our hearts will change. Our love will extend towards others. We will begin to feel peace and joy in our walk with the Lord.

Jesus Satisfies My Soul

The day I gave my heart to Jesus, I was changed. My eyes were opened to His great love. His mercy has given me hope for a new day.

Build Your House On The Rock

There is salvation only in the Lord. Come to know Him through prayer. Our God is good all the time and will be there for you.

No Longer Walk Like Gentiles

No longer walk in darkness but seek the light of Christ. Accept Him into your lives and put on the armor of God.

Joy Comes In The Morning

The Lord is so amazing. To think that a heavenly King came down to die for us overwhelms my soul. I was so wicked but He saw my repentant heart and accepted me into His fold.

Blameless Before God

What God expects of us is to give Him our whole hearts. To believe means to walk in His ways. We will no longer dwell in sin but let the Lord break the chains of addiction.

My Life Is Yours

Oh Lord, I can feel your great love. You are always there for me. I can count on You. I am no longer weak but strong in your will, oh God.

Walk With The Lord

Revive my mind daily to walk in your ways. My flesh is weak but your word has power. When I am with You in prayer, you build me up.

Jesus Is Our Savior

What Jesus gives is eternal. When Jesus saves us we are washed clean from our sins. We are welcomed into His presence, when we die.

Follow The Spirit

When we follow the Lord’s will instead of our own many great things will take place. We will become honest and true amongst others.