Thankful For Women

When Rebekah and Isaac were first trying to have kids they had a hard time. It was his plea to God that led his wife to conceive and bear their first children.

Be Near Oh Lord

It is only through Jesus that we can be saved. Make a promise this day to follow Him. Your time on earth is numbered. No one knows the times and seasons.

Marriage That Trusts In God

As we put our trust in God all things are possible. His promises are true. We can look to Him to find our answers. If we let Him in, He will lead us to our one true love in Christ.

Marriage Founded On God

Marriage isn’t always easy. This is because our wedding doesn’t always start off in the ways of the Lord. Instead people misinterpret lust for love.

Jesus Is My Healer

Oh Lord, your love has taken me by storm. I was lost but am made whole again. You have taken my chains and made me free.

All Life Passes Away

Everything we have dear to us will one day pass away. Though this life is short we should continue building good bonds that are tied in Christ Jesus.

Obey And Be Blessed

All those that obey the counsels of God will be forever blessed. The Lord will open up the heavens and pour down His blessings from on high.

God Delivers Us

We need to be fervent in prayer and let the Lord direct our lives. Only through God can we be delivered from sin. Seek Him and He will never let you go.

Cast Aside Your Pride

Seek to make a truce between you and the offended. Do the necessary things to make things right. Cast out your pride. Love one another.

Live To Praise God

It is an honor to serve the King of Glory. As his servants we live by His words. The Word of God is in our hearts. It is a light to our path.

Have No Fear

All those that are burdened, there is hope from on High. God knows how we are feeling inside. He knows what aches us from within. He can feel our every pain.

Thankful For All Fathers

Oh God, my Heavenly Father, hallowed be your Name. We honor You. All praise to Your Holy Name. You are greater than all men. How great Thou art.

Jesus Gives Life

Oh Lord, I am filled by your everlasting love. I can feel your peace within my heart. When I am tired and weak you lift me up.

In God I Trust

We must think before we act. If the Lord is with us in prayer, our decisions will be upright before Him. The best thing to do in life is trust in God.

Give All Your Trust To God

Each time we come to the Lord, He will take us back. His compassion is unwavering. We may have just done something terrible but He is still there waiting for our return.

I Choose To Follow God

When the Lord asks us to do something do we question His motives? Does His tasks seem too difficult to achieve? The closer we are to God the more we will trust in Him.

Declare The Good News

The Lord urges us to spread His gospel to everyone. His message is not only vital to our family and friends but to others we come in contact with.

Live For God And Live

The Lord is looking for a few good men and women to fight for His cause. We can either be His disciples or lay down in our pride.

The Righteous Are Saved

Oh the mercy of the Lord. Forgiveness is given to all those that repent. He has power to blot out the wickedness in our lives if we let Him.

Live To Death Or Live To Life?

The Lord is righteousness and we can feel His joy radiating in our lives. Eternal life is given to all those that believe in Jesus and walk in His ways.

The Lord Knows All

The Lord can see how we truly feel for Him deep down in our hearts. If we love Him, we will believe and trust in Him always.

Welcome Lord

How amazing it would be to dine with the Lord and His servants. Abraham was ready to great them and opened His doors with gladness.

Live For God

We must control our lusts before God. If we are easily given over to the flesh than there is something wrong with our lives.

God Transforms Lives

When God is among us there is nothing He cannot do. He has a plan for everyone. We never know what is in store for us.

Walk Before God And Be Blameless

All those that strive to walk with God will be blessed in abundance. As you walk in His ways you will see His countless blessings.

Give Your Life To God

We might have lost faith in God but He has never given up on us. Follow the Lord and Let your old life fade away. Come to Him and be born again in His love.

The Lord Stands Above All

All those that believe in Jesus will be rewarded abundantly in heaven. The Lord is preparing a place for each of the faithful in His kingdom above.