Today’s Prayer (08/18/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray for every Mormon out there. My hope is that they know how much I love them and that is why I reach out to them on a daily basis. Not that I think any better of myself than them, but that I have found You, Jesus, and know what they need to do to be saved. How these people need to deny themselves, which means giving up any false beliefs, for Your sake. It doesn’t have to be such a terrible thing to see that we have lived a lie and repent. I am grateful to have been shown this from You, God. If I had not been shown then I would wonder why I have been left of those who are saved. I would wonder why You didn’t love me to show me the right path to walk on. But You are a good good Father. I am just one out of a billion individuals, but still, You love and care for me like You do others. I wish that people could see You like You have shown Yourself to me. How You are not a mean God who wants to see people suffer in hell when they die, that You want to save the least of them. If people would just receive Christ, heaven would be opened to them too. I was once an adulterer, fornicator, and a man full of lust, but You have changed me, God. I once believed in a God that fit my beliefs, but You have shown me what the true God is really like. Thank You, Jesus. I love You, Lord. I give You honor and praise, for You deserve it. Amen.
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