Today’s Prayer (10/25/2021)

Oh Lord, help us to never become one with people and things in this world, but only become one with You and the people of God. I do not wish to corrupt my mind and my heart with anything that may appear good when it is really evil on the inside. I give You praise and honor and do not wish anything that is corrupt to seep into my life, in order to make me unclean. Therefore, I ask that You make in me a clean heart and a clean spirit. Make Your home in my life, while also removing anything that is contrary to Your will. Lord, I know that many people throughout the globe have addictions and bad habits that keep them from coming to You completely. They pray a prayer because they feel a need to because of a church service or what somebody has said, but then they go about doing the same things as they have always done. Nothing really changes, for they have forgotten what really matters most in this life and it is Your presence. What we can obtain because of money and wealth only lasts for a moment. This life is so short, but what we can do for You lasts outside this life and into eternity. My desire is to live this life and the next for You in Your kingdom. Make a home in me now, that when temptation does come I will be ready to fight it off quickly, that it will not take root in my heart or my life. I give You everything. You the my God, Jesus, and I worship You. I love You, lord. Amen.

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