Today’s Prayer (06/19/2021)

Oh Lord, help me shine Your lights for all to see. You are my God and I wish to bring others to know You. Thank You for saving my soul, by forgiving me of all my sins. I don’t deserve Your love, but You continue to be patient throughout my life. I know there are days that I struggle and can’t find my way, and I am grateful that You have given me a roadmap to live by, which is the Bible. Whenever I feel like temptation is too strong, picking up the Bible and reading it really helps. You have certainly done a great work in the lives of every writer and person referred to in the Holy Bible. I am just grateful to have Your guidance in my life. Even through prayer, You have helped me gain more insight when it comes to each verse’s doctrines and teachings. I love to learn and to be led by You is something special. You have allowed the Holy Spirit to guide me into all truth, of which I love to teach on and lead people to know for themselves. The Spirit of God is upon me, and I pray that many more souls will see You in me and be saved. Help us all to walk in Your holiness, purity, and righteousness. That we will not despise what You have called us to in the faith, but live it out daily. If people are not reading the Bible daily, may they begin today. If they are not praying often, may they begin today also. You are the light that shines in my life, and I pray that Your light will enter others also. I love You. Amen.
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