Today’s Prayer (05/23/2021)

Father, who art in heaven, I pray that we will always remember what Your Son, Jesus, did for us on the cross. How You sent Christ into the world, in order to pay the ultimate sacrifice for sin. Jesus is the last Passover for sins, for He is the Lamb of God. I believe in Jesus, as I believe in You, my Father. Thank You for choosing me and others in the faith to be Your people, even before the foundation of the world. You knew who would follow You and would not. You knew who would only follow You for a time and later give up. You knew who would only say they were believers, but really in their heart, they were far from You. You can see everything that goes on in our lives. Nothing is hidden before Your Eyes. It is my prayer that I am able to stay in line with Your teachings and not be led by the teachings of men. Help me to be conformed to Your ways, which is holiness and love, that people will see Your light in me and know it is from You. I love Your ways, and I pray that I might be able to make a good impact on other people also, that they may also follow You. People do not realize that they were chosen from the beginning to be Your people until something happens in their hearts. Sure, we have free agency and a right to do our own things, but You knew this already. I am just amazed to know a God who does know everything and desires to have me with Him in heaven one day. Thank You, Lord. I am so blessed. I love Your ways and praise Your holy Name. I love You, God. Amen.
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