Today’s Prayer (05/06/2021)

Lord, open our eyes and ears to know You more. Help us to have a desire to searches the scriptures for learning and wisdom. How often do people find pleasure in other things outside of You. You have left us a gift with the Bible, but I am afraid that fewer and fewer people still read it. I read it daily, for it is a lamp unto my feet. I love Your ways and Your laws are written on my heart. Lord, make every lost thing that is Yours become found in Your own due time. I know that many people have tried to discourage people from knowing more of You outside the current books of the canon, but if there is more for us to learn from, I am hungry to learn. I am still in awestruck that You referenced both 1 Enoch and 2 Esdras. And we have Paul referencing 1 Maccabees. This is so interesting, that I have to read these books for myself also. I often wonder, Lord, why these books were so open for You and the disciples to read in the past, but are shunned in these latter days. This makes me wonder what kind of spirit is indwelling in people in our day. If people are closed off to learn from other sources than what we find in our canon of scripture, then there is something very wrong. What is lost in time does not have to be lost anymore. Thank You for leading me to find out more about these different books of scripture already. I love You, Lord. I want to know more of You. Lead and guide me. Amen.
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