Today’s Prayer (05/05/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that once people find You, that they will read the Bible daily and stay in constant prayer. The temptations in this world can easily ensnare us if the Holy Spirit is not with us. And the best way we can stay in line with Your commands is to live for You. Yes, God, my greatest desire in life is to know You more each day and to follow Your commands. I am happier when I do Your will, while giving up things that are unnecessary. I love Your ways. Thank You for persevering the Bible also. The words on the pages just fly off and into my heart each time I read and listen to Your most holy words. Thank You for allowing us to have a roadmap to heaven, instead of letting us stumble through life while trying to find which road to take. I know that salvation can only come through You, Jesus. Therefore, I desire for You to open the gates to heaven to me and others that I reach in this life. Be with me always. Help me to stay focused on the prize that is set before me. You are my greatest joy and the love of my life. I worship and praise Your holy name, Lord. Amen.

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