Today’s Prayer (01/11/2021)

Oh Lord, I am honored to be so loved by You and the Father. Thank You for loving me first, even before I came into this world. The cross speaks volumes of Your love for me. I am so grateful that You, Father, sent Jesus into the world, in order to usher in grace and truth. Because Jesus came, there is forgiveness and mercy. You are so such a great God. Thank You, Jesus, for paying the price for the sins of the world. We don’t deserve what You did for us but accept it with open arms. We are amazed that You would want to save a wretch like us. Thank You! For that reason do we submit our lives to You, Jesus. You are our Lord and our Savior, and we give You praise. Do what You will for our lives, that we might walk in Your light and no longer in darkness. May Your ways always become our ways. Keep us in Your light as You are in the light, oh God. Lead us from temptation and help us withstand every ounce of deceitfulness found in this world. We no longer wish to be like unto the wicked, but for You to help us stand apart. Breathe in us the Holy Spirit, that we might be born again. Yours is the kingdom and we pray that the kingdom will enter our lives also. Take us by the hand and do a mighty work in us. We love You. We believe in You unto salvation. Amen.

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