Today’s Prayer (12/31/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that there will be fruits of our salvation. That people will not just go to church on the weekends and then do their own things, but wake up to follow You. It is my sincere desire to see more people be saved. There is too much dead faith in this world and it breaks my heart to see this first hand. I do not wish to see more people die and go hell when they die, but that they would be heaven bound instead. It just seems that more and more people have already decided on the type of life they will live, and changing their minds can be nearly impossible. Well, that is if they are blocking You out of their lives. Yes, if there is any opening at all for You to pierce their hearts through the Holy Spirit, then we might very well see another person be saved. This is what I desire and pray, that You will help me bring some more people unto real faith in my city and state. But please don’t stop with me, but find others who are also living a life for You and also want to lead people around them to faith. There can be mini revivals that begin in our small towns and cities if we would just step out in faith for You. Lord, You are able to do much more than people give You credit. I am just glad that I and thousands of others are allowing You into our lives daily. Even every hour do we seek You through Bible readings, prayer time, worship, and doing what You say. We love You more than anything this world offers. Thank You for saving us. Your light now shines for all to see. We love You. Amen.

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