Today’s Prayer (12/23/2020)

Oh Lord, I glorify Your Name and love to think upon You. Thank You for Your birth and Your death on the cross. Because You came into the world, there is light and light abundant. Because You died for our sins on the cross, there is forgiveness and mercy. Yes, God, You brought into this world grace, which we are so grateful for. Thank You for saving a wretch like me, God. I would not be delivered from all my sins if You had not done paid the price for me. For this reason, I give You thanks and glorify You, God, in heaven. You deserve the glory for everything good that happens in my life. Even the hard and trying things that happen to me and my family, I give You thanks still. In these difficult times, there is a peace that is beyond understanding. I may not able to overcome the trials I face on my own, but You make it so much more bearable and often give me ways out. It sure is wonderful to have You in my life. All my burdens are made light. You take all my tears and wipe them away. Even patience do You give that I so much needed. I may have been burdened in my sorrows, but all this is in the past when Your love comes over me. I surely don’t deserve what You do for me, but I am sure grateful that You do care for me. Who am I when it comes to the millions of people on earth? This I ask, but still, my meager life is vital in Your plan of salvation. You love me the same way as anyone else. Thank You, Lord. Your love is what has changed my life. I love You so much. Amen.

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