Today’s Prayer (12/11/2020)

Oh Lord, our God, I believe in You. I am so grateful to have You in my life. You are my Savior and have saved me from all my sins. Thank You, Jesus. You are my Redeemer, for only You could have paid the price for all mankind and become the last sacrifice for sin. Thank You for dying for our sins. This is one punishment that only You could fulfill. What a great God You are. I wish I could run into Your arms and be with You forever. But I will have to wait until this life is set and done. Until then, will I continue to call upon Your Name. I need Your presence in order to find fulfillment in this life. For my joy does not come from earthly things, but heavenly things alone. Because You are near me I am fulfilled. There is nothing else I need to be happy. Even does Your Spirit draw me closer to my family and my friends. You have come and lighted up my life for all to see. You are so good. I love You! Have my heart and do what You please. Take me places I have never gone before. Keep me from falling and lead me far from temptation. Keep me safe from the enemy. I am stronger because You have built up my faith. Lord, I love Your Words in the Bible. They are the roadmap to my life. And the Holy Spirit is my compass. What a great companion the Bible and the Spirit is. I can walk and not be weary. And only You could do this for a wretch like me. I had nothing going for me, but You came and changed everything. I want to say thank You for forgiving me and for showing Your kindness towards me. I owe everything I am now to You. I worship You, my King. I adore You, God. Amen.

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