Today’s Prayer (12/01/2020)

Oh Lord, thank You for giving me wisdom this morning. I woke up and instantly my prayers from the day before was answered. I had asked that You would help me know how to fix the phone issues at the courthouse and sheriff’s office that I work for, and You came through in a big way. You told me exactly what needed to do, in order to fix the phones at the switch level, and I am so grateful. It was like I received a present from heaven the moment I awoke from my sleep. I was so excited and could not help but tell my life and my boss what happened. Thank You, Jesus. I give You glory and praise. I am so lost without You. Only You could come through like You did when I needed answers. You saw my heart and that it is for You. But God, only You could mend a person that was once so wretched into the person I am today. Thank You for hearing my cries that day and the days since. Lord, in my sins I knew that I was unworthy and needed help from above. Therefore, I needed You, Lord, a Savior. Someone who has already paid the price for my sins, that I might be redeemed and be washed through Your blood. Thank You for the cross. Thank You for dying, that I might be freed from my sins. I never could walk in Your commandments before, but Your light is before me now. You have made me different, a new creation, that I might walk out my faith. Thank You, God. I love You more than anything this world offers. You are my greatest helper. Again, thank You for coming through this day and all the other times in the past. I give You glory, my Lord, and my God. I love You. Amen.
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