Today’s Prayer (06/03/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will get right with You before this life is set and done. All I know is that this life is short. Therefore, live each day to serve You. I have joy in my life while in Your service. There is love in my life when I am seeking You. I have peace when I find You in prayer. Even my burdens are made light because You carry them for me. This life may be filled with sorrow, sickness, and pain, but I know that all this for a brief moment, for in heaven, all these issues with the flesh will gone and done with. Even our pains will be no more. All our sorrows will be over. I will have no more need to cry, for my joy is in the Lord who saves. What a wonderful time this will be to be with You, even forever in Your kingdom. Lord, if it was Your will I would say take me as I am now. Into paradise, take me where You are. I want to be where You are now and forever. I don’t care for the things of this world any longer, but the things that will last in heaven. Therefore, I am so happy that You have bestowed upon my life these spiritual gifts. I may not have been able to serve You faithfully before, but now I am more than able. You have taken every fleshly sin nature from my being and replaced it with Your holiness. Therefore, I do not wish to live in willful sin anymore but to walk in Your standards of purity. I know that no unclean thing can enter Your kingdom, so I pray that You will cleanse me with Your blood, Jesus. Cleanse me of all wickedness, that I may better serve You and not fall back into my formal lifestyle. It is my desire to endure all my days in a saving relationship with You, Jesus. Help me all rest of my days. And please take me into paradise, when my life is done, even by the hands of Your angels. I wish to be with You and even see You in judgment. It will please me more than ever to hear You say, well done thou good and faithful servant, where I will enter Your heavenly abode forever. I love You, Lord. Where You are I want to be. Amen.
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