Today’s Prayer (06/02/2020)

Lord, I pray for every person that is currently heading to hell right now. May this not be their final destination come death. Instead, lead these people to repent of their sins and cry out to You for forgiveness. I do not wish to see people that I know and love spend their eternity suffering in hell and then the lake of fire. This would be so awful if they went there and could not join me and others in heaven. If people could just know that in heaven there are no more tears, sorrow, or pain. It is a joyful place where we will be forever in Your presence, oh Lord. Oh the things that we will see and experience in heaven, and even the new earth, for those that loved You and honored You in the way they lived their lives. Lord, I know that since I found You will I never again walk in willful sin, but according to Your will. I will never again allow the homeless to go hungry and not have their needs met. There are so many things I will not do again, for I know it goes against Your perfect will. Lord, anything that draws me away from You is not good but evil. So I will trust in you always, in order to withstand these temptations. Lord, I do not care about the riches of this world, but the things I can do for others with my time and money. If I am not building up Your kingdom in all I do, then I must be standing idly by and must be awakened. Lord, too many people think they are saved, but have still not given their whole lives to serving You. Their faith is by word alone still and is therefore lukewarm an unsaved. So awaken them to really know You in prayer and in Your Word, the Bible. Then, will they begin to honor You, even for all their days and find rest in Your presence come death. These are those that will escape the bonds of hell and be with You forever in heaven. I love You, Lord. Amen.

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