Today’s Prayer (04/12/2020)

Lord, I honor You this day and forever. I thank You for the cross. Thank You for paying the penalty of sin, of would we could not do on our own. The sacrifice You made for us cannot be compared, for it made a way for people of all nations to be saved. And because You died, there was also Your resurrection. Surely, You are set apart from all these other false gods, for You defeated the grave. Lord, because of what You did for us, we can be forgiven by Your blood and, one day, rise up to be with You in heaven. Wow, thank You, Lord. I plead for You to hear my prayers and continue to be with me all my days. Help me to stay strong on Your path that leads to righteousness. You have cleansed me of all my sins, but I still need You in my life at all times, in order to not fall victim to sin. I love You more than what this world has to offer, and I pray that my family will also seek You first in their lives. It brings me to tears just thinking of the many people that I know and love, that are lost and don’t know You as their personal Savior. So God, please make a way for me to reach these people for Your kingdom. Even if just one of them would listen to Your gospel message and receive it, then I and Your angels would be rejoicing in heaven. As for now, I am listening to Your voice and will go and do as You say, God. Lead me from temptation, and open my eyes and ears even more so daily, as I learn from You. I pray that this relationship we have God will increase every day, for I want You to call my name when I die and be worthy to be called Your son, even in Your presence. I love You, God. I honor You and give You praise. May You receive the glory that You deserve. Amen.
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