Today’s Prayer (01/04/2020)

Lord, I love Your ways. To abide in You brings me love that never ends. Therefore, I need Your presence in my life at all times, that I may continue to do as You say. My thoughts, desires, and actions, are only filthy rags if they are not mended with Your righteous counsel in them. I don’t wish to do the things in this life that displeases You, but only do what You command for me. I say this because my ways are evil without You. I say the wrong things, and hurt people that I love when I don’t listen to Your voice. And sadly I have felt much grief and pain because of my own selfish ambitions. So rip out of my heart every part of me that is defiant against Your best wishes. Make me conformed to Your holy ways and not my own. Then, I will be able to listen and obey Your calling for my life. May I walk in Your continued love, that others will be blessed also. You have made me to despise wickedness and I am grateful for that. For this reason, I do not wish to have anyone fall into the same willful sins that I have. So instead, instill in me and other Christians that love You, verses from the Bible, that we might teach those that are lost and are walking in darkness. Help instill in us a light that will shine forth in the darkness, that people will be drawn unto You. May there be fruit in our lives as we get up each day to serve You in Your kingdom. Surely, You are my Shepherd, the vine of the vineyard, and I am willing to serve You, even until the ends of this earth. Lead me always. Keep me in Your care, that no person will take me down with them. Keep me upright in Your holiness that temptation will not lead me into sinning against You. I love You, Lord. Amen.

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