Today’s Prayer (11/17/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that we may always delight in things above, even more so than what the world offers. Help us to remain spotless from the effects of the enemy, that we may walk in holiness, as You are holy. So fill us this day with the Holy Spirit, and remain with us as to be our hands and our feet. Though we walk in darkness, You will be our light and our guide. Thank You for caring for our needs, God. You are so good to us. Truly, your love and mercy is what has saved me from a life of bondage and guilt. Though I was once wrapped up in the things of this world and sexual addiction almost ruined me, Your hands pulled me out of the mess I was in. Now I am standing on my two feet, while my eyes are opened to know You now. Thank You Jesus for saving a wretch like me. Surely, I didn’t deserve Your forgiveness, especially since I had strayed so far from You, but You still took me in with open arms. What a great and glorious God You are. Thank You Father for showing such compassion for me and my life. Only You could see the potential I still had within me. It is You, God, that gives me clean hands and a pure heart. Because there is armor in my life, my eyes no longer wander and look with lust on women. Thank you Lord. It is my prayer also that women would also clothe themselves modestly, as Your holy Word teaches. May they dress themselves in a way that men would no longer be tempted to stare and then look at pornography or have sexual relations outside of marriage. You are our shield and our protector, and all things are done in Your mighty Name. I love You Lord. I believe in You for salvation. All the praise and glory to You, God. Amen.
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