Today’s Prayer (12/05/2018)

Oh Lord, my heart truly breaks just to think about all the babies and young children that were killed by the hand of Herod. Surely, this was a sorrowful event and I can’t even imagine how those mothers felt that day. Oh the weeping and lamentation that must have filled the air. My heart is truly broken for what they had to go through. I am so grateful that Joseph listened to the angel and You were preserved in Egypt. Nothing could stop Your plans, not even an evil king. You did come into this world in very harsh conditions. It wasn’t easy but it was all possible because of Your love for us. And Lord, I pray that every person will remember what took place this day and relate it to how precious children really are, born or unborn. As much as these women wept because of the loss of their children, I know that You and the angels weep because of every abortion. I also weep for these babies that are killed every day. May these people wake up to their crimes and come to You today for forgiveness and mercy. Your wrath is upon them but I know that they can be saved if they but turn to You, dear Lord. I love You. Amen.
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