Today’s Prayer (11/1/2018)

Oh Lord, we call upon Your Name, that You may fill us with the Holy Spirit. Allow us into Your awesome presence, that we may learn of You, my King. Give us wisdom. Help show us the way. We are here to rest a while with You, for You are our delight. There is nothing like You, God. Nowhere else can we find refuge from the storms of life. There is no place else where we can experience eternal joy and happiness. We need the peace that only You can bring. We are lost without You. Thank You Lord for Your forgiveness and mercy. I can feel Your compassion and am amazed by Your grace. Thank You for putting Your arms around me and wiping away my tears away. When I am down, You are always there for me. You lift me up. My sorrows are no more, when Your peace fills my soul. Your love is amazing and it changes everything. Surely, my burdens are light because You are in my life. Thank You for caring so deeply for me. I love You, my dear Lord and Savior. My hope is in You. Amen.
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