Today’s Prayer (10/13/2018)

Lord God, we need more people so willing to live their lives for You. This world is so vile and wicked that their needs to be something done for people to change their lives. So use us God, that we may be Your ambassadors to fight against all darkness. Come and shine forth in our lives. Help people know, just by talking with us, that life doesn’t have to revolve around feeding on the lusts of the flesh. Help them know that their drugs, alcohol and pornography are wicked. May they be convicted of their wrongs and join the ranks of the Christians. I know that the war is raging but we are here for You, Jesus. Give us your commands and we will go forth. You are our guide and our hope for tomorrow. May your light scatter all the darkness and the enemy defeated. Your love does conquer all evil. You have brought me out of a life of guilt and I pray that You will use me to help people run from their mistakes and into Your arms. Thank You Lord for using me. I trust in You. You are my rock and my firm foundation. I love You. Amen.
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