Today’s Prayer (09/24/2018)

Oh Lord, my heart sinks because of the wickedness in this world. I am so sick and tired of seeing such filth on TV that I just want to scream out. I’ve had enough of Satan’s deceptions and no longer wish to quench the Spirit, God. You mean more to me than to be a part of this world and find pleasure in wickedness. Thank You for spelling out what is evil, that I may turn from it and warn others also. I am afraid of what TV and Movies have already done to people of the faith and wish that they would wake up to the wickedness that is in them. May we all no longer walk the fine line of what is right and wrong but go all in for You, Jesus. It is not worth justifying our sinful actions when these things only lead to our downfall come judgement day. Lord, shield our eyes. Help us turn away when we know what we are watching is wrong. Light a fire inside of us that when there is anything that is immoral in nature, that we run from it. I know that it is better to live a life for You then to live a life of fear and shame. You bring joy and happiness while this world only brings pain. I trust in You God. I love You. Amen.
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