Today’s Prayer (08/26/2018)

Daily Prayer:
Oh Lord, I pray for everyone that is in the faith. May they never lose hope in You Jesus. There is only salvation in Your Name. May they never forget this. May their prayers never cease, lest they fall into temptation. I pray that they continue to draw near unto You at all times, lest their faith is tried. May your words be written in their hearts and that they may be an encouragement to us all, when times of trouble. Help us discover the best outlets in life and give up anything that leads us away from You. Instead of constant TV watching, may it be replaced with Bible Study and prayer. Instead of allowing ourselves to go to certain events that lower our guard, help us make time with people in the faith. That we may fellowship with them and continue to look up to You. Lastly, may our desires be for You. Take every evil thought from our minds. Deliver us from any addiction that compromises our faith and break every chain. Lead us from darkness and into Your light. Help us be a light to this generation and live a life of faith. May our faith be known among the men and women that we are around and be used by You at all times. I know that I am safe, when You are in my life. I have no need to fear, for You are by my side. I love You Lord. Amen.
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