Today’s Prayer (08/20/2018)

Daily Prayer:
Oh Lord, I pray for those that are addicted to drinking alcohol. My heart is saddened to see these people destroying their lives. So many marriages are shattered because of spouses and even children getting drunk. Unnecessary contention is stirred up because of alcohol. There is so much sadness and depression because of this drug. Lord, convict every person with this addiction that what they are doing is wrong. Help them know that when they drink, they are not only hurting their own lives but the people they are around. May they come to realize the gravity of their situation with the people they are around and You. Help them know that until their chains are broken, their lusts for these things will never stop. Only You can scatter the darkness and lead us into Your light. We are not able to be sober minded on our own but You can help us overcome all things. We are overcomers with You in our life, Jesus. May more Christians learn the importance of fighting against sin and no longer abide in it. Help them understand the importance of raising their shield of faith, in order to fight against temptation. It is when we let our guard down is when things start to fall apart. So we ask You, Lord, to lead us and guide us. Help us to be warriors for Your cause. Your love surpasses the happiness of this world, for Your love is greater. There is so much more joy in Your presence. We love You. Amen.
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