Today’s Prayer (07/31/2018)

Daily Prayer:
Lord, I pray that everyone that has faith in You, will also build upon that belief. May our hearts be continually open to the truths of Your Words, in the Bible, and in prayer. Open our hearts and minds to knowledge that only comes from above. Help us learn how to have self-control and be patient. Give us over to live like You and be more selfless. We desire to live differently and know that You can help us do so. Shape our lives that we may shine brightly. Help us to show kindness and love towards everyone we meet. May forgiveness be in our hearts no matter the cause. And if someone is in need, bring us to care for them. We hope in You, Lord. Your love gives us reasons to endure in our faith. If there is any goodness in our lives it is from You. You are the reason why we are joyful. Your presence gives us peace. We love You Lord and our lives are to follow You, even till the ends of time. Amen.

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