Today’s Prayer (04/11/2018)

Daily Prayer:
Oh Lord, surely Your mercy is in all things. You are so merciful to take me in, when I am broken. Your mercy is displayed, each time that I sin but come back to You for forgiveness. In repentance, I can feel Your mercy, as You change my heart from within. You are oh so merciful to usher in the Spirit, that I might have Your protection. I would be so far gone if You were not there to show me grace. Your love and kindness tells me how merciful our God is. I do not deserve Your love but still it is on full display. You never stop loving me. You never stop showing me mercy and compassion. Even when I need You most, You are there for me. I once thought that You could never forgive me but now I know that You can never give me enough mercy. I was so wrong about You. You do love me and continue to show me mercy. I love You Jesus. Amen.
April 11, 2018
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