Today’s Prayer (04/06/2018)

Daily Prayer:
Oh Lord, we know that we are lost without You. Our sins have convicted us of our unworthiness. We confess our sins before You now. Have mercy upon our souls. Help us to know no longer fall victim to temptation. Strengthen us and gives us courage to fight against sin. Cleanse our hearts that we might walk in Your righteousness. Cast out anything that is contrary to Your presence from our hearts and our minds. Fill us with Your love and peace. Help us to desire what is good over evil. I know that You can lead us. I trust in You, Jesus. Give us the strength to carry on. Incline our ears to Your will. We desire to walk in Your ways. You are our Savior and we look to You for salvation. Come and rescue us. Point us on the right path. Take our hands and lead us forth. Our hope is in Your promises. I love You. Amen.
April 6, 2018
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