Obedience To God’s Will

Paul was asked about how he lived his life, since he was so bold to talk about the pitfalls of sin and death.

Is God Your Protector?

God is your protector if He dwells in you. If not, then willful sin is present instead. You must make a choice whom you will serve.

God Fights On Our Behalf

If we trust in God, then He will fight on our behalf. His workings in us will showcase His mighty power and strength.

Our Life In Christ Brings Joy

When it comes to having true faith in Christ and walking it out, those that are faithful to the Lord God are the ones that really understand this.

True Love And Devotion To God

So what does it make a person that forgets God’s commandments and still says that they have faith in and know the Lord Jesus?

Stand Fast In The Faith

It is important, as Christians, to stand fast in the faith. Let charity abound in our lives, and truly love the Lord Jesus.

Free From Addiction

Addiction is sin and in Christ, these sins are destroyed, that we may follow Him to the fullest. As mentioned, addictions come in all forms but a growing trend among young people is vaping.

False Grace

Make sure that your faith is alive in Christ. Otherwise, sin may be abounding in You. Repent if you have strayed from following Jesus.

A Most Special Time On The Streets

This was such an amazing encounter with Bess, who is homeless. As I was walking back to my car that day, I saw her and could not let her leave without giving her what she needed.

Be Ye Holy As God Is Holy

Where is holiness in people’s lives? It seems like less people desire God to make them holy and pure in His sight. Instead, sin abounds and darkness remains.

The Great Commission: Part 1

We are called to be part of the great commission. Which is to witness the gospel with others and lead them to Jesus unto salvation.