Book Of Mormon Contradictions

Author: Paul Gee

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The Book of Mormon is placed in the courtroom of scrutiny, with the Bible as the source of truth. Each individual verse in the Book of Mormon is effectively put on trial. The Bible serves as the frame of reference for the trial at hand. This is very important, as we do not want to be led astray through a fictional book that is said to be scripture. In saying this, I have compared the verses in the Book of Mormon with the Bible and found that many verses disagree with the Biblical text. These verses will be looked over in great detail, in order to properly understand the issues we are dealing with. Instead of the two books complimenting each other, we see them contradicting one another in many ways. An in-depth analysis of the Book of Mormon shows a substantial amount of problems that cannot be denied. As you traverse through the chapters of this book, the problems in the Book of Mormon will be readily seen. These disparities come to life, seeing what the Bible actually teaches compared to the Book of Mormon. Most teachings are not the same. If they are, then they contradict the teachings in Mormonism.

As we read each chapter in this book, it will become increasingly apparent that there are theological issues in the Book of Mormon. In fact, we see that it contradicts the Bible and hardly ever compliments it. There are even teachings found in the Book of Mormon that Christians would believe in, but LDS people would not. These verses are also mentioned in detail when compared to the core doctrines in Mormonism. Despite the Book of Mormon being hailed as Another Testament of Jesus Christ, it is seen as the opposite. False teachings and practices are seen at every glance. This causes a person to form false beliefs based on what the book says. This book's claim of being a sacred scripture, or God's Word comes under serious question. Therefore, a word of caution would be advisable against placing blind faith in the Book of Mormon. This is especially true since it lacks any evidence to its claims of an ancient book about an American people who lived here from 600BC to 400AD. These claims lack credibility without the discovery of manuscripts, cities, or people. Isn't it convenient that an angel supposedly took the Golden plates with him to heaven? What we have left is a book with Joseph Smith's beliefs, the same as what we see in the Joseph Smith Translation. Of course, Bible verses were added, along with parts about Jesus, to make it sound more Biblical.

I've seen too many people put their trust in the Book of Mormon just because they were brought up to believe in it. So let me be the first to say that our church's upbringing could be wrong. For this reason, it is important to look to Jesus and allow Him to be the Lord of our lives, and not man. Then, will people appreciate what God says in the Bible. His teachings will become a part of who we are and live by. As we put our trust in God, the Bible will become our firm foundation. This is where our belief system comes from. So when looking at the Book of Mormon, it should not trust it, as the text contradicts the Bible in many ways. If you are LDS, please know that Joseph's book is not of God. As for those who are looking into Mormonism, don't go down the path of reading the Book of Mormon. You will regret doing this in the long run. I will quote enough of this book for you to get the feel of it. There is enough evidence to demonstrate that the Book of Mormon is not of God. Nobody should trust it. Amen.

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